Saïd, the Pocheco carpenter who intends to stay there forever

Today, Jeanne’s blog continues to introduce you to the different jobs that exist at Pocheco. By meeting the employees of our plant in Forest-Sur-Marque, you will understand the values and the atmosphere that prevail there, but also the diversity of the positions, the individuals and their career paths.

I met Saïd, 26, who joined Pocheco in January 2022. He joined us as a skilled carpenter to work on the development of wooden boxes that will eventually replace all our cardboard and plastic packaging. I’m going to come back to his career and the innovation he has contributed to evolve. 

Born in Ivory Coast and arrived in France 9 years ago, Saïd prepared a CAP carpenter and a professional carpentry certificate in the Hautes Alpes in Briançon. Following these studies, he was hired in a chalet construction company.  He liked his job, but meeting Emmanuel Druon, the president of Pocheco, changed everything. His former recruiter knew the president and told him about Said’s superior manual skills. When presented with Boxeco, Said couldn’t refuse and decided to leave everything for Pocheco. 


The Boxeco

The relationship to ecology

Saïd’s days

The atmosphere

What’s next?

Can you explain to us the particularity of the Boxecos and their usefulness?

Boxecos are wooden and metal boxes fixed on a pallet, which are stackable. In a truck, where we can put only 33 pallets, we can put 66 Boxecos. In these boxes we pack the envelopes in trays, cardboard packages that are easily stackable without a top lid and reusable. This is solid packaging without plastic or tape that can be dismantled. A dismantled box is only 24 cm high instead of 1.20 m. Therefore, customers can return several deliveries in one trip. On average, 120 boxes are returned to us in one go. This innovation is one of Pocheco’s priorities and we want customers to adopt it. For the moment, our green packaging represents a little less than half of our shipments, but it’s growing. I was hired because this system is becoming more and more attractive and we obviously need to maintain these new packaging methods. I was so convinced by this idea that I didn’t hesitate for a second to join the Pocheco adventure.

What is your relationship with ecology, has it changed since you started working at Pocheco?

I have to admit that I wasn’t very ecologically minded, I was content to sort my waste but not even every day, I was aware of the climate problem on a fairly small scale. But with Pocheco, and especially with the ecolonomy meetings on June 8, I was shaken up, and this training marked a starting point for my ecological awareness and my state of mind with regard to ecology.  I sincerely believe that I am more sensitive to the environmental cause; it’s the “Pocheco effect”!

What are your days like?

Since March, I have been focusing on the renovation of the sales office. It’s a big job but very rewarding for me because I learned a lot of new things independently, I am responsible for this project on all stages. I have learned a lot in a self-taught way and I have therefore increased my skills. Boxeco is also part of my daily life. I renovate the existing ones for deliveries and I have created the first prototype of a new kind which is now visible at the Furet du Nord and which houses our envelopes and pouches on sale on the 4th floor of the store. This new Boxeco is now also intended for direct sales: it can be used for delivery as well as for display. I was very proud to participate in this experiment and I was very happy to bring this idea to the end even though it is only a first prototype!

Is the atmosphere at Pocheco special ? Do you feel good there ?

I can tell you that there is a big difference. In the team, people are human, everyone says hello, asks how you are doing, if the weekend went well. Nobody judges each other, we don’t complain about each other. These are small things but for me they are worth a lot. I feel considered here, in my past experiences, they were “work colleagues”, the atmosphere was really different. Also, here the world is different, it feels like being in the country. Before, I was locked up from morning to night and then I went home in a closed space. Seeing chickens walking around and hearing birds singing, we are not going to complain about it, on the contrary!

What do you imagine for the future?

In my mind, I see myself staying here until I retire, I feel good here and I am attached to this company. I really enjoy my job and the projects I’m given. When I go home in the evening, I’m already thinking about how my day will go. Woodworking is my life. I think I will always want to work in this industry that I enjoy so much. You put me in an office, I sleep, I really need this manual side to feel good.

Saïd, carpenter at Pocheco

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