Pierre, a convinced young engineer

This week, we are starting a new series of articles on the different jobs that exist within Pocheco. This series will allow you, the readers, to understand, through the interviewees, the values and the atmosphere in our factory in Forest-Sur-Marque. This series will be an opportunity to show the diversity of jobs, individuals and career paths that we can observe.

Today, we meet Pierre, a young engineer, 25 years old, who just joined Pocheco 10 months ago. He joined Ouvert, Pocheco’s consulting firm that helps companies and local authorities with their ecological transition.

After taking a two-year preparatory class in BCPST (biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences) to prepare for the competitive exams for agronomy and agri-food schools, he entered the ENSAIA engineering school in Nancy. He is now an agricultural engineer specialising in sustainable development.



Past experiences

A typical day


Pocheco, a unique experience?

A last word for the end

What was your state of mind regarding ecology before Pocheco? Did you consider yourself to be ecologically committed before joining the company?

I consider myself very committed to the environment. Before working at Pocheco, I was already looking for a way of life in my personal life that had less impact on the natural environment and natural resources. I started a zero waste approach, I’ve been vegan for 5 years, I try to consume “soberly”. I am also involved with several local associations that fight for the preservation of the environment. Knowing my personal commitments, it is easier to understand my need to work in a field that is consistent with my values. Before joining Pocheco, there was often a discordance between my beliefs and my work.

What are your past experiences, those that did not meet this need for commitment?

Before joining the Pocheco team, I was more in an “agronomic” branch, especially in regional nature parks, it was very access agriculture and I wanted to broaden my scope to other sectors of activity by taking into account several themes (biodiversity, water management, waste, energy). I didn’t want to limit myself to agriculture and when I came to Pocheco, I knew that the Open Office was supporting companies and local authorities on cross-cutting issues and in a holistic approach to transition.

Can you describe a typical day at Pocheco?

At Ouvert, Pocheco’s design office, part of the day is dedicated to Pocheco’s internal projects, in particular, for me, the development of biodiversity on the site: participation in carrying out ecological inventories to adapt management practices and developments in favour of biodiversity. Another part of my day concerns supporting companies and local authorities in their transition project. I can conduct client meetings on strategic aspects of the ecological transition as well as offering more technical advice with the proposal of adapted solutions in favour of biodiversity for example. My work is quite collective, there is a lot of interaction both with clients and with colleagues from Pocheco or the Open Office to think about how solutions are proposed. We work on making the transition desirable to best engage our clients’ teams. We spend a lot of time on creativity and brainstorming.

What do you like most about your job?

The missions I have to carry out are motivating, today we can’t deny the high stakes that exist and it’s really very interesting to lead an ecological transition right into the business world. In my previous experiences, this quest for meaning was missing, which has finally been fulfilled at Pocheco. I didn’t want to leave my citizenship on the doorstep of my work: here I am committed in my personal and professional life. This total commitment is made possible by the missions, the living environment and also by the management system. Everything is set up to develop our personality, our individuality, there is no box here, we can express ourselves and our commitments.

Do you feel that Pocheco is a unique company?

From my past experiences, I notice a “Pocheco atmosphere”, a unique experience where you feel the benevolence and motivation to push your ambitions as far as possible, you don’t put up any barriers. In other companies, the results are less convincing because there are many obstacles and barriers that prevent you from achieving what you want. Companies often have constraints, whether administrative, financial or psychological, that prevent them from being ambitious. The ecological transition undertaken by Pocheco is strong and ambitious; here everything is possible, everything is conceivable and explorable. This ambition is largely supported by strong cooperation between colleagues, we can learn from each other because there is a real exchange of skills. I have rarely seen such strong cohesion within a team, and that makes me proud to work at Pocheco.

Any final words?

I think I’ve found myself deeply since joining Pocheco. In my previous experiences, I felt like I had to play a role to fit into predefined boxes. On the contrary, at Pocheco, we invite people to remain who they are and to accept their individuality in order to evolve together. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you are, what counts is your person and the dynamics of the group as a whole. At Pocheco, we assume our ambitions and our values.

Pierre Meunier, biodiversity expert at Pocheco

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