Meetings of ecolonomy and wild forests

Forets sauvages is the association created by Béatrice Kremer-Cochet and Gilbert Cochet. On June 8, 2022, during the second edition of the Rencontres de l’écolonomie organized by Pocheco, Gilbert Cochet presented the story of a rewilding illustrated by Réjean Dorval, a Belgian-Quebec artist. The drawings were then sold for the benefit of the association.

A few words about the founders of the association

Béatrice Kremer Cochet and Gilbert Cochet are both professors of Earth Sciences and naturalists. One is an expert at the regional scientific council of natural heritage, the other is an expert at the Council of Europe, attached to the National Museum of Natural History and president of the scientific council of the natural reserve of the Gorges of the Ardèche. They are founders of the association Forets sauvages which they direct.

Gilbert Cochet wrote with Stéphane Durand Ré-ensauvageons la France : Plaidoyer pour une nature sauvage et libre, Actes Sud, 2018 and with Béatrice Kremer-Cochet as well Fleuves et rivières sauvages : au fil des réserves naturelles de France, Delachaux, 2010.

A few words about Réjean Dorval

From drawing to performance, Réjean questions our link to the natural elements and the principle of transformation animating all living things. He co-chaired the 50° Nord network, a contemporary art network in the Haut-de-France region, and since 2013, he has been involved in the drawing workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai, directed by Saskia Weyts. He exhibits his large-scale drawings in France and in Europe.

The association Forets sauvages fights for the rewilding of France

The purpose of this association is to acquire forests and natural environments with a high natural potential. Thus privatized, these surfaces will benefit from the best protection of all: land control for the free expression and evolution of nature. The free and maintenance-free forest brings invaluable benefits that are currently much sought after by humanity: limitation of the greenhouse effect, regulation of the water cycle, water and air purification, soil formation, reduction of erosion, richness of biodiversity. These spaces have allowed species that are more and more constrained by their environment to feel safe in the forests again. Indeed, there is no man, no hunting, no wood cutting, no motorized vehicles. Nature does its work and beavers, bison, bears, wolves, jackals and deer can live in peace under the laws of the wilderness and not subject to those of man.

The association is also committed to promoting naturalness at all levels, publishing a quarterly periodical, Naturalité, the newsletter of Forêts Sauvages, and to protecting large areas of forest in an integral way through land ownership.

Meeting between Forêts Sauvages and Pocheco

During the “Rencontres de l’écolonomie” on June 8, which had biomimicry as its theme, Beatrice and Gilbert Cochet spoke about how sometimes it is better to do nothing and let nature do its own thing: that we should let erosion act on the landforms and let the sediments run their course freely. Acting by letting nature take over is the beginning of repairing our mistakes. The participants had the opportunity to witness the meeting between art and nature, Réjean with his brush and Gilbert with his voice. Works of art were born from this osmosis and the Indian ink drawings on paper were sold afterwards for the benefit of the association forêts sauvages. In total, more than 800 € were collected and this action will favour the free evolution of French forests.

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